Creating the heirlooms of the future

Eastern Ontario was once the home of Canada’s textile industry – beginning with the settlement of Scottish weavers in Lanark in the 1820’s, and continuing through the 1960’s when local mills closed down.  Heirlooms created in those days can be found  in local museums.

What you may not know is that, today, textiles are once again being created in our region – this time by devoted fibre-animal farmers and the artisans who spin, weave and knit tomorrow’s heirlooms from that fibre.

This site will help you find local sheep, alpaca (and other) fibre farms and artisans’ studios. You can travel our beautiful countryside, get to know the animals we take our fibre from, see the techniques used to create yarns and fabrics, and source unique yarns and original works of textile art.


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